(903) 758-0800
2120 East Loop 281, Longview, TX. 75605 US

Bert Nease

Northeast Regional Sales Manager

(304) 216-8850

Email: bnease@tri-w.com​

Location: West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania

Specialty: Production and Midstream Equipment.

Craig Gifford

Gulf Coast Regional Sales Manager

(570) 422-4752

Email: cgifford@tri-w.com 

Location: Texas/Louisiana/Mississippi

Specialty: Well Testing, Flowback.

Our Sales Team:

Charles Jennings

Director of Sales & Marketing

(903) 316-4567

Email: cjennings@tri-w.com

Location: United States; Global

Specialty: Surface, Wellhead, and Frac Equipment.

Todd Angus

Business Development Manager

(903) 746-8387
Email: tangus@tri-w.com

Location: Texas/Oklahoma

Specialty: Flowback Equipment, Valve Repair, and Flow Control.

About Us:



Since the beginning, Tri-W Global has strived to provide quality equipment and service to our customers. Our team has grown significantly over the past few years and we are proud to offer well over 200 years of cumulative experience in the Upstream, Midstream and Downstream markets. Our Longview facility is fully equipped with certified welders, overhead cranes, and sub-arc welding equipment and we have a team of engineers and draftsmen on hand to design and configure to your specification. 

John Alm

Mid-Con Regional Sales Manager

(972) 787-8192

Email: jalm@tri-w.com

​Location: Texas/Colorado/

Specialty: Separation, Process, Measurement Equipment.

Bryan Brown

West Texas Regional Sales Manager

(254) 433-6800

​Email: bbrown@tri-w.com

​​Location: Texas/New Mexico

Specialty: Recert & Repair, 6A & 6D

Brantsen Castloo

Sr. Account Manager

(903) 738-6390

Email: bcastloo@tri-w.com

​Location: Texas/Louisiana

Specialty:​ Production, Completion, Flowback and Measurement.